RWO Attorneys & Their Practice Areas

Attorneys with a reputation for success.

The attorneys at Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio have established a reputation for obtaining exceptional results throughout Colorado and across the nation.  This is a direct result of having elite attorneys with variuos specialties practicing within one firm.  RWO embraces collaboration and maintains a client-oriented focus in a boutique-size firm.

Jena R. Akin
Jennifer C. Alldredge
Tracy L. Ashmore
Jeffrey A. Bartholomew
Bryan D. Biesterfeld
Robert B. Bliss
Daniel J. Block
William J. Bourke
Kimberly A. Bruetsch
Harold R. Bruno III
Laura J. Ellenberger
Douglas R. Ferguson
Langdon J. Jorgensen
Nicholas F. Labor
Jim Lapin
Juli Lapin
Anthony L. Leffert
Michael J. Lynch
Brian A. Magoon
Kelly N. Matthews
Brian G. McConaty
Chad M. McShane
Elizabeth Michaels
Peter T. Moore
John W. O’Dorisio, Jr.
Bradley G. Robinson
Patrick M. Ryan
David N. Schachter
Timothy M. Shea
Cheryl Foster Smith
Louise Betcher Staab
Paul V. Timmins
James R. Waite
Stephen L. Waters