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Accomplished Denver Attorneys Handle Chapter 11 Bankruptcies

Colorado firm assists businesses and creditors during debt reorganizations

Whether you’re a business struggling with financial problems or someone seeking the payment you’re owed, it’s important to find skillful legal representation. Serving Colorado since 1977, Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio, P.C. represents debtors, creditors and creditor committees in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.  Small and large companies alike have taken advantage of this process, which allows them to address a debt burden that has become unmanageable and return to profitability. In many cases, all of the stakeholders can benefit when a troubled business is able to keep its doors open and repay some or all of its obligations. Our firm vigorously protects the rights of our clients in bankruptcy matters and works to support lasting solutions.

Telluride lawyers advocate for fair solutions during the bankruptcy process

At every stage of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, we deliver strong counsel to our clients, providing valuable assistance with:

  • Eligibility and filing — Though Chapter 11 relief is often associated with large corporations, smaller businesses and even individuals can file under this section. We’ll make sure that legal requirements are met and will file the proper documents, triggering an automatic stay that stops collection actions from creditors.
  • Creditors’ committee meetings — Our firm represents creditors in bankruptcy cases so that they are correctly classified and able to receive appropriate payment. Usually, the unsecured creditors with the most at stake form a committee to represent the interest of similarly situated parties. In addition to advising individual creditors, we also handle the needs of creditors’ committees.
  • Debt reorganization — Filing parties must assemble a plan to restructure their debts in a manner that allows them to remain in business. During these matters, our lawyers look for creative solutions when drafting debt reorganization programs and negotiating for fair terms on behalf of filers and the creditors who are owed money.
  • Revision and discharge of debt obligations — If the reorganization plan is approved by the court, debt obligations can be discharged, reduced or changed to allow the filer more time to make payments. After the order is finalized, we continue to assist with enforcement and related issues.

If your business has fallen behind on its payments and seeks legal relief to re-establish a sound foundation, we’ll advise if Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a suitable option.

Contact our effective bankruptcy attorneys in Denver and Telluride

Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio, P.C. assists creditors, debtors and creditors’ committees in Chapter 11 bankruptcy matters. To schedule a meeting, call us at 303-297-2600 or contact us online. We have offices in Denver, conveniently located at 1099 18th Street in the heart of downtown, and Telluride.