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Structured Settlement Assignments

RWO represents clients who purchase structured legal settlements, annuities, life insurance policies and lottery winnings. RWO has over a decade of experience in these areas, including obtaining Court approvals of hundreds of purchase and assignment transactions.

When annuity payments, a structured legal settlement, or a similar payments over time are being sold by others and purchased by our clients, RWO obtains Court approval of both non-statutory and statutory assignments or transfers of the purchased payments, including assignments in accordance with Colorado’s Structured Settlement Protection Act and Title 26 U.S.C. § 5891. Court approval of these assignments allows our clients to receive the same tax advantages and treatment to which the original owner of the payments was entitled.

RWO also assists its clients who have purchased future lottery winnings from others, by obtaining court approval of those purchase and transfers in accordance with Colorado’s lottery prize assignment statute, C.R.S. §  24-35-212.

RWO attorneys in this practice area include: