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Personal Injury Claims

Established Denver Personal Injury Lawyers Assist Victims

Skillful Colorado firm seeks compensation for negligent harm

An accident caused by someone else’s negligence can result in more than physical injury: it can also create a financial crisis for you and your loved ones. At Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio, P.C., we are experienced trial attorneys who help victims hold careless parties accountable. Our Colorado litigators secure payment for medical costs, lost wages and other available damages in court and through skillful negotiation. Whether you or a loved one was hurt in a vehicle crash, a fall or some other type of incident, our litigators will assess your situation and pursue full compensation.

RWO lawyers handle a complete range of accident claims

We handle all types of personal injury actions against careless individuals and businesses, including cases relating to:

  • Auto accidents — After a vehicle crash, we take quick action to determine fault and seek relief through insurance claims and lawsuits, if necessary.
  • Slip and fall claims — Carelessness in a store, office or home can cause a serious fall. Certain legal elements must be met to succeed in these matters, which is why you need sound counsel. We’ll assess whether your circumstances justify a legal claim and pursue compensation when they do.
  • Workplace injuries — Accidents on the job trigger workers’ compensation claims that cover medical costs and lost income. However, noneconomic damages might be authorized if another party’s negligence led to your injury.
  • Wrongful death — A family member who dies in an incident caused by someone else’s carelessness or intentional misconduct is irreplaceable, but surviving family members have options for justice. We can initiate a wrongful death action under state law to secure financial compensation for the loss that occurred.

The Colorado statute of limitations for injury claims is two years from the date of the incident. Even if the deadline seems far away, acting promptly to assert your rights gives you the best chance of locating key evidence and witnesses.

Thorough advocates pursue payment for medical expenses and lost income

Our lawyers understand the burden that accompanies a serious injury. That is why we work diligently at trial and during settlement negotiations to recover:

  • Medical costs — Hospital costs, doctors’ bills, medications and other treatment expenses mount quickly. We make sure that all current and medical costs are addressed as you pursue a fair resolution.
  • Lost wages — If you are unable to work due to your injury, our firm will press defendants, insurance companies and other responsible parties for income reimbursement.
  • Pain and suffering — A plaintiff can obtain payment for noneconomic damages such as the inconvenience and emotional stress associated with the incident. We’ll advise you of the legal standards and caps on these awards.
  • Rehabilitation expenses — When an injury causes permanent harm, you can be compensated for equipment, construction or other accommodations that are necessary due to your condition.

Under the state’s modified comparative fault standard, an injured Colorado plaintiff can still collect damages even if they are partly responsible for their injury, as long as the percentage of fault assigned to them is less than 50 percent.

Attorneys in this practice area include:

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Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio, P.C. advocates for victims of all types of personal injuries, including vehicle accidents and falls. To make an appointment, call us at 303-297-2600 or contact us online. We have offices in Denver, conveniently located at 1099 18th Street in the heart of downtown, and Telluride.